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Dating a smart girl yahoo

Published: 26.03.2017

IMPACT Reclaim Project Zero Good News. When all of your personal energy is concentrated in the head, it never gets a chance to trickle down to the heart, or, god forbid, the groin.

Smart girls; pretty much a no brainer hahaha There is literally nothing more attractive in a girl to me than intelligence.

Guys are more alpha and care about being big boss not if his gf is going to college and leaving him for the smarter guy, you know? I would love to get to know more smart, naturally beautiful girls but they're so hard to find. So you should be chill! I wrote the Tao of Dating books specifically for really smart people.

WHen they asked their guys what they think of me, they said: Men also felt less masculine when they were faced with a smarter woman sitting next to them than when they never saw said smarter woman. Yet, the next day, my friend tells me she's been hooking up with some pot-head surfer kid who is failing a lot of his classes.

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A brain is a good thing to have in a relationship. And even further back to monkeys, to lizards, to the first amphibian that crawled out of the slime, the fish that preceded that amphibian, the worm before the fish and the amoeba that preceded the worm. I personally am an intellectual and I am attracted to all types of people. Why do some guys like dumb girls better then smart girls? What we would probably think is that you already got too much stuff in your hands and you don't have time for us. Dating is at best another extracurricular, number six or number seven down the list, somewhere between Model UN and intramural badminton.

We are hardwired to hear praise and adoration from girls. Win every award there is in the book. And maybe when you're really sloshed at a party and your whole frontal lobe is on vacation in the outer rings of Saturn, you've noticed that your lizard brain knows exactly how to grab that cute girl by the waist for a twirl on the dance floor. Would girls date a smart guy?

Why Men Avoid Intelligent Women

I am so lucky that I married smart--my wife is an RN, she plays the piano, she reads all the time, and to me those are the sexiest attributes of girl. The more dating I do, yahoo more accomplishments and awards I have, the more girls or boys will like smart. Related Questions Are guys intimidated by smart girls. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.


Social Science Made Simple Smart Women Dating Advice Smart Women Dating Relationship Advice. Cute Girls or Hot Girls? Intelligent guys like me though, so that's what you should do. Men May Like The Idea Of A Smart Woman, But They Don't Want To Date One New research suggests that dating as a woman is, in fact, the worst. Why or why not.. The more stuff I do, the more accomplishments and awards I have, the more girls or boys will like me. Answer Questions Is a 21 year old woman hooking up with a 18 year old boy okay? AdChoices Terms of Use Privacy Policy Hide.

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