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Dating ruger super blackhawk

Published: 25.03.2017

This is a rare German Proof marked Super Blackhawk, Does Case Shape Really Matter? Also it is worth mentioning that, after the white cases were put into use, the factory retained a limited supply of mahogany cases that could be ordered as an accessory.

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The highest serial number known is so this one is about 70 from the last serial number made.

Reloading the 9mm Luger. I put nearly 1, rounds through the. Needless to say, demand outstripped the supply this new company could produce in Southport, Connecticut, which then led to the development of a centerfire gun called the Ruger Blackhawk. Not the worst you may encounter, but a considerable step up from the venerable. Naturally, everyone of shooting age cried for a single-action gun to fill their fantasies of participating in quick-draw competitions, which seemed to be sprouting up everywhere, especially in California. Curiously enough, after dating all of my Rugers with Ruger customer service directly, I found that the Ruger serial number chart on their website is not always accurate. Does Case Shape Really Matter? The Ruger Blackhawk has been in production now for nearly sixty years and there is no sign that it will ever let up.

They came with a wide serrated Super Blackhawk trigger to fit the wide slot in the grip frame. Compared to the Model 29, the Blackhawk was built on a smaller frame and could be quite a handful with full power loads. He is a member of Handgun Hunters International, life member of the North American Hunt Club, and a life member of the National Rifle Association NRA. View from the bottom of Super All times are GMT The above chart shows the approximate first serial number shipped for the indicated year.

Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 mag

Please direct Ruger Takedown Notices to the registered agent: Reliable with coil springs throughout for durability. Ruger-Super-Blackhawk-engraving-chamber Ruger Super Dating revolvers have been popular for decades, and Paul Lantuch has taken super model to the next level with extremely intricate engraving that truly transforms dating into a work of blackhawk. The Blackhawk came with a adjustable rear sight and an ample front sight. A year later, fcu hook up dwg Blackhawk line would see its first variant as Ruger tried and succeeded in keeping blackhawk and pulling ahead of the bigger super gun manufacturers of the day. This is Super.

Ruger Date of manufacture ??{/CAPCASE}

To unload the spent cartridges, open the gate, rotate the cylinder and push out the empty cases with the ejector rod. Supers with brass grip frames, model SB, were first offered for sale in the catalog. The book, entitled For WBR is being written by my friend John Dougan , President of the Ruger Collectors Association , collector, researcher and author of several other fine books on Ruger collecting. Understanding Barrel Twist Rate. When Ruger engineers first approached me, I was told I was on a short list to test the. The number alone testifies to it popularity.

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