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Skill based matchmaking cod advanced warfare

Published: 30.03.2017

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If I'm not having fun I have better shit to do. Playing against decent enemies every game is no fun, in my eyes. But if there was no SBMM, all the more skilled players would be randomly spread out unless they're in parties.

So you're saying that these new players should have their experience ruined just so you can feel good stomping some them?

Get educated, you fanboy.

Atleast a DLC for it? If you're new to the game, you're going to get punished until you get better. In all the other CoDs, I could rely on my high sensitivity and fast reaction times when running and gunning, now I cant show myself in the open for a fraction of a second without getting mowed down by the BAL. I never gave up and continued to spend days of my life playing Call of Duty. You assume that each variable reduces the viable player count by some fixed constant, but that may not be the case.

By competing against players of my own level, I was appropriately challenged and grew because of it. What should we call you? People are having issues, whether it is lag, lag compensation or being matched up against people far away from them. Sign up to get your own personalized Reddit experience! The skills that used to earn you a 2KDR won't work as well in AW.

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare: Skill Based Matchmaking

But, Warfare Joe might skill a 10ms connection to the nearest city with advanced listening server and a ms ping to another country. Cod optional; required for "Other": P2P They call this a "hybrid" system, which is a fancy matchmaking of saying that they aren't dedicated servers, just glorified ping testing based. I've explained how and why.

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I've been playing CoD since CoD 4, I should not have a 1. I was trying so hard to provide the counter-argument that there is the possibility of many SBMM variables strictly enforced to drift0r's assumption that I didn't manage to spit this out. If they want to maintain their low skill level and level of competition, they're given the choice. I don t see myself as an MLG player and I also dont feel like Yoda by destroying other people. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I live in Ireland and have been playing, or just noticing, an "unusually" high number of people with GT's, Emblems etc, which reference Israel or being Jewish Is pretty good considering most cod players I know get around 5mbps, some of my clan get 0. So if you are playing on a server in France or Germany, then it wouldn't be too unusual for you to play with someone from Israel.

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